Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whitehead Removal Tips

Whiteheads cannot be viewed with a naked eye unlike blackheads. You can only see them probably when they get larger in number and appear on the face or on any part of the body. Many people confuse whiteheads with pimples as they look alike. Due to this misunderstanding, people undergo similar treatment as for pimples which further aggravate the problem. Thus, you need to be very careful and understand whitehead prior to starting your facial skin care management.
Whitehead removal tips are extremely important for those who get confused and don't know how to deal with it. You can use these tips to know how to remove whitehead without aggravating the problem further.
Whiteheads Removal Tips

Tip 1
Many people use honey for their skin care due to its anti-bacterial nature. Whiteheads can also be removed by using honey with other ingredients. Take 1 tablespoon of honey, egg white, and olive oil and mix them for making a creamy paste. Make use of a soft linen cloth for dipping in warm water. You must put this cloth on the face for opening the pores and later apply the paste on your face. See the result after 20 minutes.
Tip 2
Whitehead removal tool is the next best thing through which you can remove whitehead or acne or pimple. You can scrape out the whiteheads by using a loop, which is at the end of a stainless steel tool. Ensure that you have a hot water stem on your face for five minutes before using this tool.
You must regularly do whitehead removal if you want to maintain your skin in a better way. 

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